Why It’s Worth Having Your Dog Groomed Professionally: The Benefits Of Dog Grooming

Wondering why you should get dog grooming services from a professional, instead of grooming your dog on your own? Here are just a few benefits of choosing to have your dog groomed at a dog groomer.

Save Time & Headaches

Grooming a dog on your own can be a time-intensive and difficult procedure, particularly if your pup doesn’t like to stay still. You may end up spending a few hours grooming your dog and cleaning up your bathroom or utility area to remove pet hair, water, soap and much more.

But with a professional groomer, you can let them take care of everything – and you won’t have to worry about the time & headaches of grooming your dog on your own.


Early Detection Of Skin & Coat Issues

Groomers are good at recognizing skin and coat issues like dry skin, mange, “hot spots” where your dog may be itching frequently, and other such problems. Your dog grooming professional will let you know if they notice any of these issues – so you can quickly follow up with a vet and get make sure your pup gets the care it needs.


Nail Trimming Is Usually Included

Even if you like grooming your own dog, chances are that you may not like trimming your pup’s nails. Trimming nails can be difficult, and if you trim them too short, you may accidentally hurt your dog. A professional groomer has the tools and expertise necessary to handle nail trimming quickly and easily.


You’ll Get Better Overall Results

Professional dog groomers use top-quality products and the latest grooming tools to untangle mats, remove excess hair, keep your dog’s coat healthy, and ensure your pup looks (and smells) great! Their skin and coat will be healthy and strong, and you won’t have to lift a finger. If you ask us, that’s a great reason to turn to a groomer!


Get Care Tips

Your groomer can recommend at-home pet care tips to reduce shedding, keep your dog’s coat healthy, and ensure they get the care they need between visits to the pet groomer – so your pup’s results will last weeks and months to come!


Come To Dog Dayz Of California For Professional Dog Grooming!

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