What Is Included In A Dog Grooming Service? See How We Pamper Your Pup

At Dog Dayz of California, we provide the best dog grooming services in Oceanside and the surrounding areas. Wondering what’s included in a dog grooming service at our professional facility? Here is an overview of what you can expect when you bring your dog to us for grooming services.


Brushing & Combing To Get Rid Of Mats & Tangles

First, we’ll use a set of special brushes and combs to detangle and brush your dog’s coat, ensuring they’re free of any mats and tangles before their bathing session begins. This keeps their coat healthier, and also makes it easier to apply shampoo.


Bathing & Drying

Next, one of our team members will bathe your dog with a gentle dog shampoo, and use a conditioner to soften and hydrate their coat and their skin. Then, they will be dried off to prepare for the next part of their appointment.


Ear Cleaning

We’ll clean around your pup’s ears to remove any buildup and check for signs of infection or parasites. This gives you peace of mind, and ensures that your dog’s ears are healthy and clear.


Trimming, Clipping & Shaving (Based On Your Instructions)

Depending on the instructions you give us, we’ll give your dog a comprehensive “haircut” that may include trimming, clipping, or shaving, depending on your instructions. Make sure you tell us all about how you want your dog’s hair cut before your appointment, so that we know how to treat your precious pooch.


Nail Trimming

After your dog’s haircut, we’ll trim their nails to make sure they’re an appropriate length and won’t cause them pain or discomfort when walking – and file them to make sure that they aren’t too sharp.


Teeth Brushing

Finally, we’ll finish your dog’s appointment with a quick teeth brushing to make sure their teeth are healthy. Note that this is not a substitute for regular teeth brushings at the vet, and we may not be able to brush the teeth of dogs that have serious dental health issues like gum disease.


Schedule An Appointment With Dog Dayz Of California To Get The Care Your Dog Needs

Depending on the level of service you choose at Dog Dayz of California, you can get all of the above services – and much more. So don’t wait. Call now at (760) 631‐3299 or contact us online to schedule an appointment for your furry friend today.

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