Dog Dayz of California offers full services for all areas of dog care and we do it better than any other facility in the area.  At Dog Dayz it’s all about the DOG!  We focus on the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of your beloved dog as our priorities in everything that we do.

2014-07-24 09.33.42Daycare:

Don’t leave him home alone another day. In boredom he will find whatever he can to relieve the stress and loneliness. At Dog Dayz of California he will have plenty of company, attention and love while you take care of your day to day responsibilities.

Daycare dogs are not only fully supervised, but we also interact with them to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.  All dogs are evaluated with a complimentary four hour social evaluation prior to admitting them into the play area so we can avoid any unnecessary spats.  We evaluated their social skills, how well they listen to their playmates and caregivers and their overall play style so all dogs can be matched up in appropriate play groups.  We don’t lump all big dogs in one yard and all small dogs in another, we separate the yards by play style and social personality.  If your dog doesn’t go home happy, healthy and doggone tired then we feel we haven’t done our job.


Our facility has large, upscale cabanas to luxury suites for our overnight guests, and two large indoor/outdoor play areas where your dog will spend the Dog Dayz playing with friends (two legged and four legged) in a balance of organized activities and free play time.

For our overnight guests, we have safe, clean and secure enclosures for each and every one, because after a day of crazy play fun, some down time and solitude is needed.  Every dog enjoys a full day of daycare with each night of boarding.  We count that included day as the day of arrival rather than a 24 hour clock to encourage you to bring them early for any boarding stay.  We like to give them that first day to get accustom to being here and get nice and tired before they are tucked in for the night. They get a good night cookie and a kiss before we turn down the lights.  If they stay five nights or more they receive a complimentary bath before they go home and any bedding is washed so that they all go home smelling sweet.


At Dog Dayz of California University, we use only positive reinforcement techniques to communicate good behavior with your dog.  Animal behaviorists who have long studied animal learning theory have discovered that animals learn better, faster and sustain training longer if good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior is not.  Aversive punishment methods are not only old school, but they are only quick fixes for symptoms of what may be much deeper seated emotional issues that dogs develop throughout their lifetime.

We offer training to meet your needs with both time and finances.  Private training either our house or yours, group classes or board and train or daycare and train.  So whatever issues you and your pup are having, let our qualified professionals help.  Training your dog is a lifelong investment that will only enhance your bond and your home life.


With full time professional groomers on staff, you are sure to get your pup in to one of our spa dayz at the most convenient time for you.  Our full service professional groomers have years of experience and a gentle touch.  If you have a nervous nelly or first groom, you’ll want to know that your dog is being treated with patience and respect so the experience is as good as it can be for your furry friend.  We listen to exactly what you want in a grooming cut and follow your instructions as closely as possible.

But if you would rather do it yourself, be our guest and use the self dog-wash.  Plenty of shampoos, rinses and colognes to choose from and four elevated tubs so you don’t have to break your back to give Fido a bath.  You supply the dog, we supply everything else AND we clean up after.