Puppy Training Tips And Tricks For That New Christmas Puppy

Lots of families get puppies for Christmas, and adding a new furry friend to your household can be exciting. But you need to make sure you start things off on the right foot – and begin training your puppy from day one! Here are some tips from Dog Dayz of California that will help you train your new puppy.


  1. Work Out House Rules Right Away
    Is your dog allowed on the furniture? Can it sleep on your bed or a child’s bed? Is it allowed to sit near the dinner table when you and your family eat? Make sure to work out these “house rules” with your family right away.


  1. Keep Family Members On The Same Page
    Once you have set up “house rules” for your new puppy, keep family members on the same page. Make sure you, your partner, and your kids, if applicable, follow these rules. Dogs, and puppies in particular, get confused by inconsistency, and this can lead to behavior issues.


  1. Set Up A Comfortable “Den” For Your Pup
    Crate training is usually recommended for puppies. You may think crates are cruel, but they aren’t! When properly trained, a comfortable crate with food, water, a soft bed, and blankets may become your pup’s favorite spot!

    Dogs love having a “den” to call their own, and this is a great place for your new dog to escape, decompress, and relax when it needs some space. Whether you use a crate or a dog bed, set up a “den” somewhere out of the way for your new puppy.


  1. Get Your Pup Onto A Regular Schedule
    This is one of the best ways to housebreak your dog. Be consistent about when you wake it up, feed your pup, and take your dog outside to pee or poop. The more consistent you are, the sooner your dog will become housebroken!


  1. Discourage Chewing
    Confining your pup to a crate when you’re not around and keeping desirable chewing objects – like shoes or furniture – is one way to discourage chewing.

    But you should also give your puppy plenty of dog toys to chew on. When your pup tries to chew something it shouldn’t, discourage him with a “NO” and give him something else to chew on, instead.


Get Help From Dog Dayz Of California – We Offer Puppy Training Services!

We offer private training in your home, as well as training from experts at our facility. To learn more about dog training, contact us online or give us a call at 760-631-DAYZ (3299) – and get the help you need to train your new puppy.


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