Is Doggy Daycare Good for Separation Anxiety?

Doggy daycares are great solutions for pet owners who lack the time they would like to offer to their furry friends. As most of us have full-time jobs or other commitments keeping us busy, it’s very hard to dedicate many hours during the day to our dogs. As a result, we have stressed, understimulated companions who suffer whenever we have to leave the house.

As every dog has its own distinct personality, each reaction to being alone is different, but we can definitely see a pattern with many breeds or particular dogs. And many of them suffer from separation anxiety. Let’s learn more about it.


What Is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a disorder that manifests in some dogs who are left alone for too long (this time depends on one case to another). Dogs that get anxious when their owner is not at home might exhibit some of the following behaviors: destruction, chewing, scratching, barking, pacing, urinating and defecating in the house, trying to escape.

Many dog owners arrive home to find their dogs agitated and often complain about their homes or belongings being damaged by the lonely pup. Unfortunately, this causes many dogs to be put back in shelters or be put in a cage when the dog owner is away.


How Does Doggy Daycare Help?

In a doggy daycare, there is staff available at all times to keep the dog company, socialize it, and satisfy its needs: food, water, treats, exercise, interaction with other dogs and with humans. The staff in certified doggy daycares is trained in dog behavior and psychology and can help tremendously with problems such as separation anxiety.

When you get such a service, you can go to work or take care of other commitments while resting assured that your furry companion is not alone and is being taken care of properly. Results show a great improvement in dogs who attend daycare and our customers are extremely satisfied with this arrangement, being more than happy to spend some quality time with their pet when they are together at home.


Are You Looking for a Doggy Daycare?

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