How Would a Doggy Daycare Benefit My Dog?

Doggy daycare provides comfortable room and board for your furry friend during the day whether you have to go away on a trip, are working long hours, or your dog needs more socialization with other dogs.

This is a great option for dog owners who can’t find a pet sitter but need some time away from home or are too busy to give their dogs the time and attention they need right now. Read on to find out about all the amazing perks that come along with doggy daycare.


Ultimate Comfort for Your Dog While You’re Away

When you take your dog to stay with us at Dog Dayz of California, they’ll sleep in one of two places: a luxury cabana or a luxury suite. A luxury cabana is 6 feet tall with a depth of 8 ft and remains uncovered.

There are options for multiple dogs to share a living space in larger with ultra-comfortable Kuranda cots which provide joint relief and will have them snoozing like a puppy. What’s more, we don’t charge additional fees for those things we believe every dog is entitled to – medication, food, blankets, time to play, and all the love and care in the world.


Doggy Training

We offer a variety of training options for your dog so you can learn how to communicate with them and encourage good behavior. From in-home private training and training camps to our board & train, there’s an option to fit everyone’s schedule and situation.


Doggy Daycare

Dogs, much like humans, are social animals. As a result, they need socialization to feel properly stimulated and to prevent unwanted behavior like tearing up furniture or excessive barking. Leaving your dog alone in the house all day is bound to leave them feeling bored or unhappy.

While it can be hard to fit in quality time with our furry friends while we’re at work, that doesn’t mean they can’t play with other dogs at a doggy daycare. We provide a structured environment for your dog, allowing them to interact with members of their species, take naps, and get exercise. This is like summer camp for your dog and they love every minute of it.



While your dog stays with us, you have to option of having them groomed. Your dog will return home smelling fresh, clean, and happier than ever. We treat all of the dogs that stay with us with the utmost care and respect so we’ll take your instructions to heart and make sure your dog feels comfortable.

With our high-quality shampoos, spa towels, and dryers just to name a few, your dog will love every minute of their personal spa.


Book Your Dog a Stay at Dog Dayz of California

As dog lovers, you can be assured that we’ll treat your four-legged friend like one of our very own. Whether you can’t find the time to provide the stimulation your dog needs or you have to go away for a few days, your dogs will be safe, well taken care of, and entertained with us. Fill out our contact form online or call Dog Dayz of California for a reservation at (760) 631‐3299.


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