How Often Should You Take a Dog to the Groomers?

If you are a new pet owner, you probably have many questions regarding the type of care you need to give to your animal friend. In addition to basic requirements such as shelter, water, food, and medical care, there are several other responsibilities that you are obliged to perform. One of them is grooming. Your dog needs regular grooming, which is performed at home or by taking it to a professional pet groomer like Dog Dayz of California.

Dog Grooming Requires Thorough Care

As a dog owner, you might find it enjoyable to groom your pet by yourself. However, you might not have time to fulfill your dog’s needs, hence giving it infrequent baths, short brushing sessions, and inadequate care of its ears, teeth, glands, and eyes.

Moreover, you may make mistakes such as overlooking ringworms, ticks, and other parasites while brushing your dog’s coat. It is also easy to forget to clean off any loose hair on your dog before a bath, leading to a matted coat and poor fur growth.

How Often Should You Make Grooming Appointments?

Several factors determine how often to take your dog to the groomer. They include but are not limited to:

  • Size and breed— Dog breeds that are hairier such as German Shephards, Shitzu, Poodle, and Golden Retriever, require bi-monthly or weekly trims. This especially applies to areas around the eyes, face, rear, and feet.

Grooming sessions can also include a nail trim, shampooing, and much more. Less hairy breeds such as the American Eskimo and Great Pyrenees can be groomed once a month.

  • Lifestyle and play— If you usually take your pup on adventures where they jump through streams, hike hills and mountains, or go swimming and boating, they may need to be groomed more frequently. An adventurous dog should be groomed at least twice a month. If it is not too furry, it can benefit from a thorough cleaning to get it ready for the next adventure out in the wild.

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