How Can I Get My Kid Involved in Dog Obedience Training?

Dogs are often considered more than just pets, and most owners value them as they would any other family member. They are loyal and intelligent and fill our lives with joy and richness. But, just like children, dogs need a sense of structure and discipline that teaches them how to be in harmony with their household and family.

If you are planning on starting obedience training for your dog, you probably already know how important it is for all the family members to participate in the training and help reinforce what your furry friend is learning. This includes your kids, too.

So, how do you get the little ones involved in their dog’s obedience training? Here are some fantastic ideas.


  1. Teach Your Kids the Basic CommandsStart with the simplest commands when teaching your children how to train your dog. Show them how to hold the treat when giving the command and how to praise the dog. You can help by practicing these commands with the dog first, then using treats to get it into position when your child gives the command.


  1. Have Your Children Participate in Caring for the Dog, Every DayWhat does training have to do with the everyday care routine? Well, to get the children involved in the training, it’s really important to build a strong relationship with their pet. Giving them food, taking them on walks, and grooming them is the best way to build a strong bond between them.


  1. Transform Training Your Dog into a GameDog training can sometimes be frustrating, and you will have to repeat the commands and try new approaches for it to finally work. Kids can get frustrated and bored if you don’t turn it into a playful activity. Try to include the training in the games you usually play with the kids. It’s going to be fun for everyone and it will create the best atmosphere for learning and reinforcing good behaviors.


There is much more to say about dog training and how kids can be involved in the process. Our trainers are highly skilled both with dogs and people, helping them create a bond that is beneficial for both sides.


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