grooming-2Whether you want a full service bath with a hair cut by one of our professional groomers or just a “do it yourself” dog wash, Dog Dayz of California offers the best.  Four raised tubs with all around access, multiple shampoo, cream rinse and finishing spray choices, power dryers, heavy spa towels, combs brushes galore and a friendly staff to help you with all your grooming needs.

Our full service professional groomers have years of experience and a gentle touch.  If you have a nervous nelly or first groom, you’ll want to know that your dog is being treated with patience and respect so the experience is as good as it can be for your furry friend.  We listen to exactly what you want in a grooming cut and follow your instructions as closely as possible.

Our prices are very competitive and although it’s hard to give an exact quote over the phone, your groomer will greet you when you come in for your appointment and be able to tell you right then exactly what it will cost you to have your instructions carried out.  Book your next appointment for six weeks out or less, before you leave, and receive $10 off your upcoming regular priced groom.

Call today for the next available appointment for your pups next spa day.  (760) 631-3299.