Dog Training Classes Vs. Board & Train – Which Is Better For Your Dog?

If you’ve got a new puppy who needs some training, you may be wondering if you should invest in dog training classes or board & train services. Find out now in this blog from Dog Dayz of California!


The Basics & Benefits Of Dog Training Classes

Dog training classes involve you, your pup, and one of our professional instructors. We offer training both at Dog Dayz of California and at-home training services.

The biggest benefit of dog training classes is that you will be forming an authoritative bond with your dog directly. They won’t just be learning to behave – but to take orders and instructions directly from you, rather than an instructor. This is particularly helpful for very stubborn dogs.

However, the classes involve a lot more work, since you will be directly involved in training your dog. This is worth it, of course, but this may be impractical if you have a busy work or family life.


The Basics & Benefits Of Board & Train Services

As the term suggests, you’ll board your dog with Dog Dayz of California in our Board & Train services. Then, they will be supervised by professional instructors and taught the basics of things like potty training, behaving around other dogs, and any other behaviors they need to learn.

The benefit of this is that your dog can be taught without your involvement, which saves you a lot of work. This is also a good way to socialize a puppy around a lot of other dogs, which may be very helpful for certain behavioral problems, like aggression towards other animals.

The drawback is that this may not be as effective for some dogs, because they may bond with and obey the instructor – not you. They may learn helpful behaviors, but be less likely to obey your specific instructions.


The Best Option Depends On Your Situation – Get Started Today!

If your dog is relatively well-behaved and you don’t have time to train it on your own, board and train services may be a good option to teach them a few new behaviors and rules.

On the other hand, if your dog is difficult and has problems listening to you, board and train may not be a great option, since it’s better to form a bond of authority between you and your pup directly. In this case, dog training classes are a better choice, since you will be more directly involved in the process.

Either way, Dog Dayz of California is here to help. Contact us online, or give us a call at 760-631‐3299, to learn more, ask any questions you may have, and book board & train services or dog training classes today!


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