How Often Should You Take a Dog to the Groomers?

If you are a new pet owner, you probably have many questions regarding the type of care you need to give to your animal friend. In addition to basic requirements such as shelter, water, food, and medical care, there are several other responsibilities that you are obliged to perform. One of them is grooming. Your dog needs regular grooming, which is performed at home or by taking it to a professional pet groomer like Dog Dayz of California.

Dog Grooming Requires Thorough Care

As a dog owner, you might find it enjoyable to groom your pet by yourself. However, you might not have time to fulfill your dog’s needs, hence giving it infrequent baths, short brushing sessions, and inadequate care of its ears, teeth, glands, and eyes.

Moreover, you may make mistakes such as overlooking ringworms, ticks, and other parasites while brushing your dog’s coat. It is also easy to forget to clean off any loose hair on your dog before a bath, leading to a matted coat and poor fur growth.

How Often Should You Make Grooming Appointments?

Several factors determine how often to take your dog to the groomer. They include but are not limited to:

  • Size and breed— Dog breeds that are hairier such as German Shephards, Shitzu, Poodle, and Golden Retriever, require bi-monthly or weekly trims. This especially applies to areas around the eyes, face, rear, and feet.

Grooming sessions can also include a nail trim, shampooing, and much more. Less hairy breeds such as the American Eskimo and Great Pyrenees can be groomed once a month.

  • Lifestyle and play— If you usually take your pup on adventures where they jump through streams, hike hills and mountains, or go swimming and boating, they may need to be groomed more frequently. An adventurous dog should be groomed at least twice a month. If it is not too furry, it can benefit from a thorough cleaning to get it ready for the next adventure out in the wild.

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What Is Included In A Dog Grooming Service? See How We Pamper Your Pup

At Dog Dayz of California, we provide the best dog grooming services in Oceanside and the surrounding areas. Wondering what’s included in a dog grooming service at our professional facility? Here is an overview of what you can expect when you bring your dog to us for grooming services.


Brushing & Combing To Get Rid Of Mats & Tangles

First, we’ll use a set of special brushes and combs to detangle and brush your dog’s coat, ensuring they’re free of any mats and tangles before their bathing session begins. This keeps their coat healthier, and also makes it easier to apply shampoo.


Bathing & Drying

Next, one of our team members will bathe your dog with a gentle dog shampoo, and use a conditioner to soften and hydrate their coat and their skin. Then, they will be dried off to prepare for the next part of their appointment.


Ear Cleaning

We’ll clean around your pup’s ears to remove any buildup and check for signs of infection or parasites. This gives you peace of mind, and ensures that your dog’s ears are healthy and clear.


Trimming, Clipping & Shaving (Based On Your Instructions)

Depending on the instructions you give us, we’ll give your dog a comprehensive “haircut” that may include trimming, clipping, or shaving, depending on your instructions. Make sure you tell us all about how you want your dog’s hair cut before your appointment, so that we know how to treat your precious pooch.


Nail Trimming

After your dog’s haircut, we’ll trim their nails to make sure they’re an appropriate length and won’t cause them pain or discomfort when walking – and file them to make sure that they aren’t too sharp.


Teeth Brushing

Finally, we’ll finish your dog’s appointment with a quick teeth brushing to make sure their teeth are healthy. Note that this is not a substitute for regular teeth brushings at the vet, and we may not be able to brush the teeth of dogs that have serious dental health issues like gum disease.


Schedule An Appointment With Dog Dayz Of California To Get The Care Your Dog Needs

Depending on the level of service you choose at Dog Dayz of California, you can get all of the above services – and much more. So don’t wait. Call now at (760) 631‐3299 or contact us online to schedule an appointment for your furry friend today.

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7 Dog Grooming Tips To Keep Your Dog Looking Great

Wondering how you can keep your dog looking great between visits to Dog Dayz of California?  Follow these dog grooming tips, and you can keep your pup happy, healthy, and clean!


  1. Brush Their Coat Every Day
    Daily brushing is good for your dog’s coat and skin, and it also helps you deal with excessive shedding. Use a brush that’s right for your dog’s coat type, and brush their coat out for a few minutes every day.


  1. Keep Their Nails Trimmed & Clean Their Paws
    Trimming nails helps prevent scratches to you, your other pets, and your furniture and flooring. A quick trim every 1-2 months is ideal.


  1. Don’t Forget To Clean The Ears
    Cleaning around and in your dog’s ears is essential for preventing infections, and for fighting back against parasites like ear mites. Clean the outside of the ears, and use a vet-certified solution to clean the inside of the ears about once per month.


  1. Bathe Your Dog At Least Once A Month
    A monthly bath is good for dogs of all coat types. Even dogs with short hair will get dirtier than you think in a month, so give them a bath using a high-quality dog shampoo to keep them clean.


  1. Detangle Mats As Soon As You Can
    If you have a long-haired dog, never let mats go unaddressed. Use a brush or specialized detangling tool to eliminate mats as soon as you notice them. The sooner you take care of them, the better. Wait too long, and they’ll just get worse.


  1. Clean Their Teeth 2-3 Times Per Week
    Did you know that up to 80% of dogs over the age of 2 have some stage of periodontal (gum) disease? To prevent this, you should be cleaning your dog’s teeth at least 2-3 times per week with a dog toothbrush and toothpaste.


  1. Feed Them A Healthy & Balanced Diet
    A healthy diet is essential for a healthy coat and skin, so make sure your dog is eating high-quality food, and taking any necessary supplements recommended by your vet or groomer.


Need Help With Dog Grooming? Come To Dog Dayz Of California!

Not sure if you have time to handle all the tasks that are essential for keeping your dog properly groomed? At Dog Dayz of California, we offer comprehensive grooming services in Oceanside, CA. Contact us now to schedule your pup’s next appointment, and keep them looking great.

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Why It’s Worth Having Your Dog Groomed Professionally: The Benefits Of Dog Grooming

Wondering why you should get dog grooming services from a professional, instead of grooming your dog on your own? Here are just a few benefits of choosing to have your dog groomed at a dog groomer.

Save Time & Headaches

Grooming a dog on your own can be a time-intensive and difficult procedure, particularly if your pup doesn’t like to stay still. You may end up spending a few hours grooming your dog and cleaning up your bathroom or utility area to remove pet hair, water, soap and much more.

But with a professional groomer, you can let them take care of everything – and you won’t have to worry about the time & headaches of grooming your dog on your own.


Early Detection Of Skin & Coat Issues

Groomers are good at recognizing skin and coat issues like dry skin, mange, “hot spots” where your dog may be itching frequently, and other such problems. Your dog grooming professional will let you know if they notice any of these issues – so you can quickly follow up with a vet and get make sure your pup gets the care it needs.


Nail Trimming Is Usually Included

Even if you like grooming your own dog, chances are that you may not like trimming your pup’s nails. Trimming nails can be difficult, and if you trim them too short, you may accidentally hurt your dog. A professional groomer has the tools and expertise necessary to handle nail trimming quickly and easily.


You’ll Get Better Overall Results

Professional dog groomers use top-quality products and the latest grooming tools to untangle mats, remove excess hair, keep your dog’s coat healthy, and ensure your pup looks (and smells) great! Their skin and coat will be healthy and strong, and you won’t have to lift a finger. If you ask us, that’s a great reason to turn to a groomer!


Get Care Tips

Your groomer can recommend at-home pet care tips to reduce shedding, keep your dog’s coat healthy, and ensure they get the care they need between visits to the pet groomer – so your pup’s results will last weeks and months to come!


Come To Dog Dayz Of California For Professional Dog Grooming!

At Dog Dayz of California, we specialize in professional dog grooming services in Oceanside, CA and the surrounding areas. Click here to contact us online, or call at 760-631-3299 to schedule an appointment for your pup.