dog boarding oceanside ca

At Dog Dayz of California we offer your dog what your dog wants most: Attention, comfort and love. The facility has large, upscale cabanas to luxury suites for our overnight guests, several large indoor/outdoor play areas where your dog will spend the Dog Dayz playing with friends (two legged and four legged) in a balance of organized activities and free play time. Lunch time brings some much needed snooze time, and then it’s off to the playground for more recreation. By the time your dog is ready to be tucked in for the night in his cozy cabana, he’ll sleep easy and comfortably on his quality Kuranda cot.

All services necessary to take the absolute best of care of your pup are included in the overnight boarding rate, EVEN A FULL DAY OF DAYCARE!  At Dog Dayz we believe that you and your dog deserve the best possible care, so we don’t charge extra for the extras.  Medications, food, blankets, play time, snuggle time, hugs, kisses and belly rubs are always included in the standard of our care.

Boarding Rates:

Luxury Cabana $58.00
Luxury Cabana (2 dogs sharing) $110.20
Luxury Suite $78.00
Luxury Suite (2 dogs sharing) $148.20

Our luxury cabanas are solid walled for privacy (no chain link for our babies) and anodized aluminum for easy, thorough cleaning and sanitation.  Cabanas are six feet tall with open tops for better circulation, 4 feet wide and 8 feet deep.  We also offer larger units for multiple dogs sharing and all come with raised Kuranda cots for a most restful and comfortable sleep.  We serve quality food but you are welcome to bring your pups favorite food or treats from home.  They will spend the majority of the day in one of our spacious, indoor/outdoor, supervised play areas, making friends and enjoying the fresh air.

We can’t say that your pooch won’t miss you while they are with us, but they just might be too tired from all the activity to think about it.

Dog Dayz Lone Wolf Program

Dog Dayz will selectively take a dog for boarding that is not social under our Lone Wolf Program.  Your dog may be boarded in a cabana of their choice at a Lone Wolf boarding fee that does not include daycare.  There are alternative activities included for your dog’s recreational time. These are the activities that Dog Dayz will provide dependent on staff availability per day.  1)  Dog will be walked outside of our facility with your written consent,  2)  Private run time in one of our play areas, with a sibling or alone, or  3)  Private play time with a caregiver in the yard.  One of these activities will be given twice per day in addition to their usual potty breaks.  Lone Wolf boarding is available on a very limited basis and must be approved by management.  The dog will still need to come in for an evaluation as we need to make sure that the dog will not be overly stressed in the environment and that the staff will be able to handle the dog without any reasonable concerns.

Boarding Options


Luxury Cabana $72.00
Luxury Suite $85.00

The Lone Wolf Boarding Program will only be available as space allows. During peak holiday times, we may limit (or not allow) Lone Wolves we are able to accept. If you need to board during these busy times, it would be advantageous to book long in advance.