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About Dog Dayz of California

Dog: Four-legged mammal that is mostly domesticated in modern society and comes in a large variety of breeds, each with its own set of unique characteristics.

What’s your definition? Maybe something more like this:

Dog: Beloved member of the family. Protector, loyalist, unconditional giver of love and affection, jokester, entertainer, and mischievous delight. Comes in many different shapes and sizes, all with the same abovementioned characteristics, but a variety of personalities.

It’s for this reason, the uniqueness of each of our beloved dogs, that we chose to open a business that is dedicated to the happiness and care of your best friend. We want to help you build and maintain the best relationship possible between your dog and you - and your dog and other dogs.

Dog Dayz staff is fully trained and truly cares about the well-being and comfort of your best friend. You will always find your dog treated with kindness and patience. At Dog Dayz, it is the standard to go above and beyond for the welfare and comfort of the dogs in our care.

We pay special attention to all instructions you may give to us and there are never any extra charges in the care of your precious canine.



“It’s all about the DOG!”

Dog Dayz of California is truly all about the dogs. We go to great lengths to ensure each and every dog receives the respect, patience, and love that they deserve. Our mission statement, “to enhance the lives of dogs and their people” stands true in all we do. If you doubt we could be that good, ask the dog! 99% of all dogs that stay with us, whether for a day or a month, will drag their owners in the door from our parking lot.