5 Safety Tips for Enjoying Spring with Your Dog

Who doesn’t love spring, the season when everything comes back to life? After a long and cold winter, just the thought of being in nature and feeling the warm breeze on your skin can give some of us a boost of energy.

And if you have a dog, then the fact that spring is just around the corner is even more exciting as this means that you can spend more time outside with your furry friend.

And since you’ll be probably spending a lot of time outside in the coming months, then you should keep these safety tips in mind to make the most out of this spring.

Bring a Frisbee

Some dogs love to chew on sticks, carry them, or play catch with them. But these items can also be dangerous as the dog can choke with them or cause other types of injuries in their mouth and throat. That’s why it’s better to bring your own frisbee, ball, or some other toy your dog can safely play with.

Start a Ticks and Fleas Prevention Plan

Talk to the vet and get your dog some sort of protection against ticks and fleas. It is recommended to have them protected all year long, but it’s especially important during spring when ticks are the most active. The same stays true for late summer, August to November.

Beware of Dog Allergies

Just like it happens with us humans, some plants and flowers can cause your dog an allergic reaction. These allergies usually affect the skin, so if you see your dog scratching too much, check their skin and visit a vet. Some of them can even be toxic for dogs.

Be Mindful of the Temperature

Some dogs might not be resistant to heat and too much exposure to the sun can affect them. Be aware of how your dog behaves when you’re outside and don’t overdo it by trying to cram lots of fun in a few days to compensate for the winter months.

Make Sure Your Dog Can Be Easily Identified

If you haven’t already, make sure your dog can be easily identified in case they get lost. It can be something as simple as a collar with your phone number or a tracking device.

There are many safe ways you can enjoy spring safely with your dog. And, if you need a daycare or boarding facility for your dog while you are on your spring break, then Dog Dayz of California has the answer. We can assure you that your dog will be happy, safe, and well cared for with us.

Fill out the online form on our website to get in touch with us or simply call us at (760) 631-3299 and talk to one of our team members.

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